Unemployment As a Teenager

This post will discuss the negative aspects of being unemployed at my age. Most people would say “I don’t want a job,” or “I will only work 5 hours a week,” or even “why work? My parents buy me everything.” To them I would say, you’re an idiot. If you do not want a job, then you are a nincompoop. This is a short list of things that jobs give you.

The first and most obvious thing is MONEY. The world is run by money, and you need it to do anything at all. To the people who get everything from their parents, that will not last forever. If and when you go to college will your parents be buying all of your food, books, housing, and entertainment? Most likely not. So, when you are sitting in your dorm, broke, wanting to do things, too bad. You have no job, you have no money, you have no things. Because I do not have a job, I have almost no money. What does this mean for me? Not too much, I still live with my family, and the basics are provided. But I want a car! I can’t afford a car, let alone insurance, gas, and anything else that may come up. That is an enormous expense. In addition to that, I would like to go to Germany next summer. Without money, all of these things are impossible.

The second thing, and the one that is fundamentally more important, is that it helps develop one’s responsibility. I have nothing to do with my life, trust me. You would think because I have so much time that I am constantly caught-up with all of my work at school. This is not as true as one would think. I almost never study, and do the least amount of homework possible. On the other hand, some of my friends are in sports every day of the week, AND they have a job. Yet they are in higher level classes than me, study more, and get similar, if not better grades. This makes no sense at all to me, but I would guess all of these things give them better organizational skills or something like that.

The third thing is the stigma related with not having these things. The high school I go to has a broad spectrum of students, come from every economic background imaginable. There are students who are fighting poverty and trying to get something to eat, but there are other students who are given BMW’s for their birthdays. I come from somewhere in the middle. I never have to worry about food, housing, or heat, but my parents don’t buy me cars. I don’t have a job, so guess what else I lack? I’ll give you a hint, it has 4 wheels, and rhymes with bar. A surprising side-effect of this is my embarrassment after the final bell rings. Most people either have a ride home with a friend, or just walks to the parking lot, gets in the car, and drives home. What do I do? I call my mom and wait. Maybe its my near-0 self-esteem, but I feel ashamed every time somebody asks me “Do you have a ride home?” and I have to say “Yeah, my mom is on her way.” That is just one example of things you may feel without a job.

The last thing is your feelings for yourself. For reasons I cannot expand upon, I have been declined from 6 different positions over the past few months. These include: McDonald’s twice, Culver’s, Rocky Rococco’s, Rosatis’s, and Pick and Save. My friends give me shit for this, and truth-be-told, its hilarious. But when you get down to it, and think about your poor, jobless ass, it is not funny at all. One of my favorite things to say is “I am so dumb I got turned down from McDonald’s twice,” until I think about it. Then it just makes me sad. The only thing I can think of is that someone that is older applied for a job, or everyone else got a recommendation from someone who works there. That is just how the world works I suppose, it is all about who you know. Who knows, maybe 7th time is the charm?

As you can tell, unemployment sucks. If anyone sees this and would like to give me tips, or more reasons supporting the conclusion, type it in the comments. Thanks for reading y’all.